GIV could not operate without the support of donations and grants.

We currently have Community Foundation Support for an initiative called GIV Further which has enabled us to provide subsidised placed to students from schools new to the programme.


We have also received gifts and donations from a number of local businesses, organisations and individuals.

Fundraising Success!!


£500.60 was raised through an event held in celebration of International Women’s Day at York House.


Shenley Brook End Fundraising Challenge raised £523!


The students and staff have done an amazing job managing to raise these funds which will be used to support our community volunteering projects.


The funds raised will be used to support ‘Get Involved Volunteering’ 2018.


Part of the funds will be used to buy plants and shrubs so that the young people can work to improve the garden area at York House. We will also be returning to St Francis Adoption Centre to tidy their garden, repaint fences and replace some of the perennial plants. GIV students will also be supporting Camphill, a residential community for people with physical disabilities and special needs, where we will be working on a joint community project, ending with a final performance in the theatre. These projects would not be possible without grants and fundraising efforts and we are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us raise the funds.



MK Community Car Raffle 2017

Every year between October and January, charities and community groups from MK take on the challenge to raise funds for their causes by selling Charity Car Raffle tickets with the chance of one lucky winner winning a car for £1.

Groups retain at least 50% of the funds raised from ticket sales and the remaining money goes towards MK Community Foundation’s grant making programme, benefiting community groups across Milton Keynes.

This fantastic opportunity raises both awareness of what we do, and funds towards our valuable work.

The draw to find out who has won this spectacular prize will be on Sunday 25th February! 

Our trustees participated in the MK Community Foundation car raffle and sold over 200 tickets in the City Centre during the lead up to Christmas. Good luck to everyone who purchased a ticket!

We have received gifts and donations from a number of local businesses, organisations and individuals.

Thanks to:

Awards for All

MK Community Foundation

MK Community Action

Odells – Stony Stratford


Cherry Pips Garden Design

Branched Out

Sarah Anderson

MK International Women’s Day committee

Time 4 You MK

And a message from our students……

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