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We've been nominated by the CO-OP and Tesco for their fundraising scheme.

Please support us as you can by putting tokens in the voting box every-time you shop at Tesco and if you are a CO-OP member simply go online and register to vote. Thank you everyone.


End of year show - " A Balloon For Granddad"

End of year show, representing what four schools and Camphill residents have achieved this year. The four schools and the residents came together to put on a show for the public called "A Balloon For Granddad" which was held in the Camphill Chrysalis Theatre on Thursday 12th July 2018. We raised £135 from the collection bucket which will be split between the schools and Camphill.

Here are some words from the teachers:

"WOW!!!! Weren’t they all wonderful yesterday"


"I wanted to say a  massive thank you for allowing me to be part of it all and I very much look forward to being part of next year’s project, I am humbled and proud by all that was achieved yesterday!!"


"Debbie can you also say a personal thank you to Jade and Elin for their unwavering patience and belief in our kids who I think you will agree  shone yesterday. And also to your PA Brittany who seemed to be everywhere"


"Hope you manage to get some rest now before you start again, you have earnt it"

Here are the messages from others

"Many thanks for inviting me to the GiV celebrations. A smashing do - once again tears of laughter and general ' being moved'  meant that my mascara was dripping off my chin - so good to see all involved having a ball and feeling very proud of themselves."

"Can't imagine how proud you must be of those young people and of today's achievements."

Fundraising Success!!



£500.60 was raised through an event held in celebration of International Women’s Day at York House.



Shenley Brook End Fundraising Challenge raised £523!


The students and staff have done an amazing job managing to raise these funds which will be used to support our community volunteering projects.



The funds raised will be used to support ‘Get Involved Volunteering’ 2018.


Part of the funds will be used to buy plants and shrubs so that the young people can work to improve the garden area at York House. We will also be returning to St Francis Adoption Centre to tidy their garden, repaint fences and replace some of the perennial plants. GIV students will also be supporting Camphill, a residential community for people with physical disabilities and special needs, where we will be working on a joint community project, ending with a final performance in the theatre. These projects would not be possible without grants and fundraising efforts and we are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us raise the funds.

A big thank you to those of you who bought tickets for the Community Car Raffle.


This year, local charities sold a whopping 21,940 tickets!


The winning ticket numbers are now up on the Community Foundation website on the following page: http://www.mkcommunityfoundation.co.uk/grants/charity-car-raffle/ . All the winners have now been contacted, and are suitably excited! Congratulations also to Friends of Willen Hospice, who sold this year’s winning ticket.

In celebration of the 50th Birthday of Milton Keynes, the staff, students and trustees of MK GIV are planning to deliver 50 good works in the Community.


Watch this space to see how we get on……..


Gardening at MK SNAP

Volunteering with MK Red Cross

Making puddings for the MK Winter Night Shelter

Helping with the Fawcett Society

Organising an event for International Women’s Day

Writing a promotional piece about Emberton County Park

Raising funds for MK SNAP

Promoting fair trade during Fair Trade Fortnight

Fundraising for MK SNAP

Making fair trade pancakes for fellow students

A big thank you to everyone who supported MK International Women’s Day at York House.

International Women’s Day MK 2017

50 years of women contributing to life Milton Keynes

The event raised a massive £505!

We were also given £35 from the wonderful folks at Time 4 U

A £10 donation from an individual supporter provided garden gloves

Students at Ousedale and Shenely Brook End Schools raised awareness of Fair trade by selling over 300 pancakes filled with yummy fair trade treats.

Students and their mentors engage in some pre-sale planning