Term 1

  • Regular meetings with the schools to take forward planning and formalise the programme for all stakeholders.

  • GIV co-ordinator to give presentation(s) to 6th form to recruit volunteer mentors.

  • Recruitment – advertising for volunteers and mentors.

  • Recruitment process agreed ( interviews and references).

  • Training of volunteers and mentors (organised by GIV co-ordinator).

  • Building networks with local charities

  • Identification of aspirations and goals

  • Agreement on timings/dates/ communication mechanisms

  • Schools begin identification of student participants

  • Presentations to the school (if appropriate) ie to staff meetings, 6th Form assemblies

  • Agreeing a budget

  • Preparing the Risk assessment process

  • Agree team building activities

Term 2

  • Bench mark survey of participants and other stakeholders so this can inform evaluation

  • Team building activities delivered (eg Parks Trust / Caldecotte Project Centre)

  • Programme to introduce pupils to volunteering

  • Social action community project planned

  • Recording and evaluating outcomes

  • PEPs prepared for individual students

Term 3

  • Students plans their own social action project or volunteering activity

  • Students work with mentors to deliver their social action /volunteer programme

  • Project celebration planned and delivered

  • Final evaluation

  • Presentation by students

  • Succession planning

In celebration of the 50th Birthday of Milton Keynes, the staff, students and trustees of MK GIV are planning to deliver 50 good works in the Community.


Watch this space to see how we get on……..


  • Gardening at MK SNAP.

  • Volunteering with MK Red Cross.

  • Making puddings for the MK Winter Night Shelter.

  • Helping with the Fawcett Society.

  • Organising an event for International Women’s Day.

  • Writing a promotional piece about Emberton County Park.

  • Raising funds for MK SNAP.

  • Promoting fair trade during Fair Trade Fortnight.

  • Fundraising for MK SNAP.

  • Making fair trade pancakes for fellow students.

  • Decorating a meeting room at MK Play Association.

  • Fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust.

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